Connecting to Gmail Inbox

Please note that information provided here is about connecting to external service, and might be outdated if external service will change it's interface, however information provided here should suffice.

We are not responsible for Gmail operations, as it only periodically checks for new emails. It should work quite reliable through.

To import messages to Gmail Inbox please follow steps below. Important aspects are marked with red line.

  1. Click gear icon and choose settings
  2. From tabs select Accounts and Import
  3. Usually need to scroll a bit, then click Add a mail account
Enter full e-mail address
Leave as is, as there as there is only one option anyway
Now enter details required to fetch e-mails from your account.
  1. Remember to set username as entire e-mail address
  2. Enter your password
  3. Set pop server to
  4. Port is required to be 995
  5. Check to always use secure connection
In next step check appropriate option to allow sending e-mails with your custom address.
Checking option to Treat as an alias has some implications, quoting Gmail documentation:
  • Messages you send to a Send mail as address appear as unread in your Inbox.
  • Messages you send to a Send mail as address also appear in your Sent Mail.
  • Messages you receive from a Send mail as address also appear in your Sent Mail.
  • If you receive a message from a Send mail as address and you click Reply, the To: field is filled with your primary address.
  • If you receive a message from a group that uses the same address as your Send mail as address, and you click Reply All, the To: field does not include the address of the group that sent the message.

For more information please visit:

Now it's time to setup sending emails with Your custom email directly from Gmail Inbox:
Enter SMTP server
Set port to 587
Enter full email address as username
Check to use secure connection using TLS
Last step is to confirm email, either by received link or code that will be sent by Gmail.